Swimming Crash Courses

We run swimming crash courses during every school holiday, which are perfect for all swimmers – young and old, regardless of swimming skill – to help them make rapid progress and maybe even master a specific stroke. These classes are available at each of the more than 100 centres we have nationwide that offer swimming and swim lessons.

What are Swimming Crash Courses for?

All of us find some strokes and techniques easier to master than others and a crash course during the school holidays is a great way to work on your weaker spots and even develop whole new techniques or skills. The intense, one-on-one nature of them mean you or your child are almost guaranteed to learn the new skill quickly and they are a great way to get active and have fun during the school holidays

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How Long do They Last?

Normally, depending on the age or ability of the swimmer in question, these swimming crash courses will last four or five days. Course will be individually structured for your needs, to make sure you get the most out of it, meaning if there’s a specific stroke or technique you want to master in a short period of time, then these courses are ideal for you.

What Swimming Crash Courses are Available?

It’s not just swimming that these crash courses can cover, either. We also have courses teaching such varied disciplines as synchronised swimming, diving, snorkelling, water safety and even Rookie Lifeguarding courses.

When are They Available?

They are are usually available during the school holidays, the precise dates of which will vary, depending on which area you live in (and therefore which centre you attend). These holiday periods include the following.

  • February half term
  •  Easter holidays
  •  May half term
  •  Summer holidays
  •  October half term
  •  Christmas holidays

Please Note: You will need to login or register as the student you are booking for.

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