Everyone is Saving Water

everyone is saving water

It’s tough out there. Whether it’s food prices, mortgage or rent costs, the fuel you put in your car or how much it costs to heat and power your home – everyone is feeling the pinch.


That’s why we here at Everyone Active are launching our ‘Everyone is Reducing Carbon’ Campaign. We’re sharing what we’re doing to reduce the significant running costs and environmental impact that one of our leisure centres has, and how you can help. There are different focuses: saving energy; saving water; recycling and promoting green transport to and from our centres.

Alongside highlighting what we’ll be doing as company, we’ll be demonstrating what you can do to help us out and how this can all translate towards helping reduce your running costs and carbon emissions at home.

Reducing Water Usage

We will be sharing with you exactly what we’re doing to help save energy, reduce water consumption, recycle more waste and to improve our green travel credentials. We’ll also be asking you to help us out along the way – pointing out where we can improve and if there’s anything we’re not doing.

Therefore, we’re asking you to help us make a dent in our carbon footprint by helping us to reduce our water consumption. Obviously, leisure centres – especially those with swimming pools – use enormous quantities of water every day; saving water in any way we can will make an enormous difference.

What are we doing?

In order to help reduce our carbon emissions ever further, we’ll be taking various measures to ensure our water usage is as limited as it can be. Although some of these may sound fairly inconsequential, when you add them all together – especially over all our sites – they result in a significant contribution.

  • Colleagues to Check for Unnecessary Water Usage

We have tasked our colleagues to keep an eagle eye out around the centre for any unnecessary water usage and for that to be reported to their Duty or General Manager. This could be anything from leaky plumbing to faulty taps or water that hasn’t been switched off properly after use. It all counts!

  • Ensure Taps are switched off properly after use

We’re asking our colleagues to be particularly vigilant when it comes to taps within our centres – in both colleague areas and customer-facing areas. If they spot a tap that’s been left on after use, it’ll be immediately turned off.

  • Check for Unnecessary Use of Hot Water

While this won’t necessarily save water, it will save energy and by extension, reduce our carbon footprint. By not heating as much water – especially for cleaning purposes (only where we don’t need to, however) – we will make a significant saving.

  • Ensure Dishwashers are fully loaded before use

Dishwashers use the same amount of water regardless of how much is in them, so it makes the most sense to fully load them before use. That way, we are getting the most cleaning power out of all the heated water that each dishwasher cycle uses.

What can you do?

Once again, we need your vigilance. If you spot a tap that’s been left on, please turn it off for us and let us know that it’s been done! Also, if you spot any plumbing that’s not working at 100% efficiency, we’d love to hear about it – whether that’s a leaky tap, a shower that’s not quite working properly, a leak in a pipe somewhere or a toilet that’s not flushing or filling correctly. Without your extra eyes and ears, we may not spot everything. One other favour we’d ask, however, is to cut your shower just a little bit shorter than usual. The average shower, for example, uses 90 litres of water. If you can cut your shower to five minutes or less, it makes a huge difference!