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App_Icon_200Great news! The Everyone Active app for iOS and Android is here!

The FREE app allows you to easily view your centres information, book classes, activities, see timetables. Search “Everyone Active” in your app store and enjoy all the benefits of the app.

App booking is as easy as

Our Everyone Active app is available on both iOS and Android. Click on the icons below to download you app.

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Our Everyone Active app has a lot of benefits for our customers:

  • Booking Classes
  • Booking Activities
  • See your booked classes
  • Receive special offers
  • App user only offers
  • Multi site view
  • View the latest news from your centre
  • View centre timetables
  • Easy contact with the centre
  • Connect through social media
  • plus more…

We have a lot planned for the app, and this is just the start…