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WARNING – TAG is a physically challenging assault course-style arena, and by participating you understand that the activity is high risk and could result in serious injury.

Arena Rules

Arena Players

You must be a minimum height of 1.2 metres and a maximum weight of 20.5st (130kg) to participate.

Do not attempt any challenge or activity outside your own limitations, abilities or skill levels.

TAG is not suitable for expectant mothers and those with known heart conditions.

You must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescribed medication that may affect your ability to function safely in the TAG arena.

You must not enter the TAG arena unless you are a registered player with a registered wristband.

You must have undertaken the safety briefing.

Take care not to make physical contact with other players in the arena.

By swiping your wristband prior to entering the arena, you are accepting these rules.

Arena Events

Do not climb on the outside of the structures.

Do not slide down ropework.

Do not take balls outside of events.

Do not purposely swing suspended objects into other players.

Do not remove your wristband at any time.

Check for other players before descending from events.

Take care when tagging the beacons to prevent injury to your wrist/arm.

Follow safety instructions presented to you at each event.

Adhere to event routes where present.

Remain within the game zone throughout your arena session.

Exercise caution ascending and descending the ramps.

Emergency Assistance

Please notify an arena colleague should you not feel well, or if you require assistance.

In an emergency follow the green arrows for your nearest escape route.

Always follow the event team’s instructions.

Failure to follow arena rules may result in you being asked to leave the TAG arena.

Dress Code


Sensible sports shoes must be worn at all times.


Wear suitable full body clothing, i.e. long sleeve top and full-length bottoms.

Secure all drawstrings prior to participation.

Do not wear items of clothing with sharp attachments or accessories on them.

Remember to wear clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty or even slightly damaged.


Tie loose hair back securely prior to participation.

Loose Items & Jewellery

Remove all items of jewellery including watches and sports watches.

All pockets should be emptied before arriving in the arena.

Food & Drink

Do not take food or drink into the TAG arena.