Adult Climbing

Whether you’re ready to climb, want to learn from scratch or develop your climbing skills through individual or group coaching, we have a wide range of activities for all adult climbing enthusiasts.

Adult Climbing Casual

Adult Climbing Coached

Casual Adult Climbing

Adult Climbing Wall

If you already know the ropes or have completed the Beginners Adult Climbing Course then you can climb at Westway unsupervised as a Casual Adult Climb.

You’ll need to register and complete a Climbing Competency Test by showing us that you can put on a harness, tie in and belay.  This can be done at the centre at any time during our opening hours.  It takes around 5-10 minutes to register and take the test.

Registered Competent Climbers can supervise up to two people (juniors or adults) in the wall.

Please note, those accompanying Competent Climbers cannot climb unsupervised or belay until they are Competent Climbers themselves.

To climb casually you can book and pay online or via the app in advance, or visit and pay at reception.

Social Adult Climbing

Adult Climbing - Social Climbing

Be a social climber!

We’ve got loads of fun activities from regular sessions to annual events.  We’re a very sociable bunch, love a mug of coffee and cake, and definitely subscribe to ‘the more, the merrier’ mantra so we look forward to seeing you

Adult Climbing Club Night

Join the club!

Club Night is a great opportunity to hone your skills in a social and friendly environment. It’s guided by one of our experienced coaches who are there to answer your questions and help improve your technique.

Club Night is open to all abilities of climber. If you’re a Registered Competent Climber or you’ve recently finished the Beginners Climbing Course you can put your new skills into practice under the watchful eye of a coach until you are confident enough to go it alone.

Experienced climbers can come along with a partner or be paired up with someone of a similar level. Ages 18+.

There’s no need to book a session, if you have a monthly/annual climbing membership or are climbing on a casual basis, just turn up and join in! Club night runs on Monday & Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.

Women Only

Womens’ Climbing Morning

Womens’ Climbing Morning runs every Wednesday from 10:00 – 12:00, and is a great way to get coaching advice in a mutually supportive and sociable setting.

After a group warm-up, you can talk about your personal climbing goals, get technical advice and find climbing partners. Plus free tea and coffee!

There’s no need to book a session, if you have a monthly/annual climbing membership or are climbing on a casual basis, just turn up and join in!

To purchase a monthly/annual climbing membership or climb on a casual basis you’ll need to have completed the Introduction to Bouldering Course or be registered (or able to register) as a Competent Climber. This involves taking a 5 minute competency demonstration in centre.  You can then join or purchase your membership or casual climb in centre.

Westway Climbing Centre has the largest coaching team in the UK and has produced some of the UK’s top climbers. Our award winning facilities and coaches offer a wide range of courses and sessions so whether you are brand new to the ropes or you would like to hone and refine your skills, our experts are here to help.

Taster Session

Got a taste for adventure?

Try your hand at top roping, bouldering and belaying at our action-packed 90 minute adult climbing Taster session!

We’ll provide the coaching and all the kit you need as you get a fun and informative introduction to climbing. You can even bring friends and family for a day out and climb together in up to groups of 6. if you are interested in bringing your children or young family members to try out climbing, please check out our family pay & play session.

Please note the sessions are open to everyone aged 18 and over.

What will I experience

At the session you’ll:

  • Have a climbing overview
  • Get a safety briefing
  • Kit up
  • Climb
  • Belay
  • Boulder (climb without ropes – don’t worry you’re in safe hands!)

Taster Session FAQs

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What should I Bring?
Just bring £1 for a locker, a bottle of water to stay hydrated and bags of e

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Book a session using our online system. If you are not a member, you can sign up for free and book using our app or online.

Beginner Adult Climbing Course

Learn the ropes – Thinking about getting into climbing or just want a refresher?

Our Beginners Climbing Course is perfect for people who’ve never climbed before or those who’ve done a bit and want to climb indoors safely and unsupervised.

What Will I Learn

  • How to tie into a rope correctly and safely
  • How to correctly fit different types of harness
  • How to belay and safely hold the fall of a climber
  • The correct use of different types of climbing equipment
  • Basic climbing technique
  • How to use a ground anchor & clove hitch
  • An introduction to bouldering
  • Basic stretches & warming up exercises for adult climbing
  • How to use an auto-belay
  • About the grading system
  • Learn the lingo! What is a crimp? Jug? Rock-over?

Beginner Climbing Course FAQs

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What Should I Bring?
Shoes and harness are included. Just bring a padlock for a locker, a bottle

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Monday-Thursday 19:30 – 21:30 3 days on same day for 3 weeks
Thursday & Friday 14:00 – 17:00 2 afternoons intensive
Saturday & Sunday 14:00 – 17:00 2 afternoons intensive

Book a course using our online system. If you are not a member, you can sign up for free and book using our app or online.

Private Adult Climbing Tuition

Adult Climbing Tuition

Stuck on that hard route or want to work on your technique? Or maybe you’d like a one-on-one session to get some pointers?

Our team of highly qualified coaches, many of whom have experience coaching GB team members, are here to help. You can have an individual class or come as a group of up to four, adults and juniors welcome.

Our coaches offer:

  • Performance based training
  • Knot and belay refresher
  • Taster based sessions (up to 4 climbers)
  • NICAS catch up and assessment
  • Basic private lesson – prices below
Private Lesson Host 1 hour (private) 90 minute (private)
Master Coach £57.00 £85.50
Senior Coach £52.00 £78.00
Coach £47.00 £70.50
Instructor £42.00 £63.00
1 additional person (Maximum ratio of  1 instructor to 4 climbers) £17.00 £25.00

To book a private coaching session speak to a member of our team in centre, email us enquire today or call us on 0208 969 0992, press option 2 to speak to the climbing reception.

Lead Climbing

Adult Lead Climbing

Taking the lead

This course gives you all the skills and knowledge to be a safe and confident lead climber.

The 4 hour course lays the foundation to help you to take your climbing to the next level with a coaching ratio of 1:2

As well as best practice, you’ll learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls of leading a climb. We teach everything through practical demonstrations, including how to take and arrest falls.

What you’ll learn:

  • Clipping
  • Arresting falls and dynamic catching
  • Lead belaying
  • Falling correctly
  • Common mistakes

To book a Lead Climbing course or find out more please speak to a member of our team in centre. Alternatively contact us, enquire today or call 020 8969 0992.

Corporate Climbing Experiences

We provide fun team building and bonding experiences for corporate teams including blindfolded climbing and a variety of team building games and activities!

To find out more about our corporate events come and talk to us in centre. Contact us, enquire online or call 0208 969 0992 and press option two to speak to the climbing reception.