Introduction to Bouldering

Bigger, better, boulder

Get to grips with bouldering at our Intro to Bouldering session.

Our coach will take you through the fundamentals of bouldering – from kitting up and wall etiquette to warming up and technique..

Please note the sessions are open to everyone aged 18 and over.

What will I experience?

You’ll learn:

  • Shoe fit (it’s vital!)
  • About the wall and training equipment
  • How to warm up
  • Bouldering do’s and don’ts
  • About the grading system
  • Basics of bouldering
  • Movement techniques

Introduction to Bouldering FAQs

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What Should I Bring?
Shoes and chalk are included. Just bring a padlock for a locker, a bottle of

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To book a session give us a call on 020 8969 0992 or email [email protected] or book on with our online system.


Bouldly go where no one has gone before!

Want to try a new sort of exercise? Looking to get fit in a different way? Try Bouldercise.

Train with a friendly group and it combines bouldering with the best in functional bodyweight circuits.

Your coach leads you through pulse raisers, the basics of climbing and movement then on to the bouldering walls. We’ll discover the best methods to get you working hard and climbing better.

Throughout the class we’ll continue with strength exercises and improving technique, problem solving and fitness.

There’s no need to book a session, if you have a monthly/annual climbing membership or are climbing on a casual basis, just turn up and check in at reception!

To purchase a monthly/annual climbing membership or climb on a casual basis you’ll need to have completed the Introduction to Bouldering Course or be registered (or able to register) as a Competent Climber. This involves taking a five-minute competency demonstration in centre.  You can then join or purchase your membership or casual climb in centre.

Bouldercise Session Times

Saturday 9-10:30am

You can pay as you go per session, or monthly passes are also available.

Passes Normal  Concession
Monthly direct debit £55.00 £36.00
1 month pass £65.00 £55.00
12 month pass £470.00 £380.00
To book a session give us a call on 020 8969 0992 or email [email protected] or book on with our online system.