Route Setting Information

We’ve got a huge route-setting programme providing regular changes, with some of the most respected setters in the country, including national and international competition setters, gracing our walls.

We aim to set 90 new routes per month and 150 boulder problems every four weeks.

December Routes

This is subject to change due to the exciting re-development of the Horseshoe area being finished around the middle of the month.

Top Rope Lead Auto-belay Bouldering
Date Line Date Line Date Line Date Area
01-Dec 99-102 07-Dec 77 01-Dec Oven
02-Dec 56-58 08-Dec 77 02-Dec Oven
07-Dec 59-60 69-70 15-Dec Mezz
08-Dec 61-62 16-Dec Mezz
14-Dec 7-10 21-Dec Fridge
22-Dec Fridge
23-Dec Fridge

November Routes

The Westway will be running its lead climbing competition, Super Lead 2022, on 19th November and the setting will take place the week before, and filling routes in will commence from Monday 21st the following week. The whole of the lead climbing on Tower Two will be affected. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.
You can find information and enter the competition via the link on Westway climbing’s social media pages.

Top Rope Lead Auto-belay Bouldering
Date Line Date Line Date Line Date Area
02-Nov 104-108 15-Nov SuperLead 04-Nov 75 10-Nov Mezz
03-Nov 53-55 16-Nov SuperLead 09-Nov 69-70 11-Nov Mezz
63 17-Nov SuperLead
64 18-Nov SuperLead
04-Nov 7-10 21-Nov Post Comp Fill in
22-Nov Post Comp Fill in
23-Nov Post Comp Fill in
24-Nov Post Comp Fill in
25-Nov Post Comp Fill in
30-Nov 99-102