What is Good Boost?

Good Boost is an app-based therapeutic water exercise programme. It’s been designed specifically for people with limited mobility and musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. These include, among others arthritis and back pain, which cause pain to millions all over the country.

What is Good Boost?

Good Boost technology aims to improve people’s lives by helping them to get moving with gentle exercise in a fun and social environment. Sessions are delivered on tablets and are individually tailored for participants. Built by clinical experts, the technology supports people to reduce pain and improve mobility on land or in the pool. They are suitable for a wide range of health conditions including joint, bone and muscle conditions such as arthritis.

two older women taking part in a good boost aqua session

How to get referred to the Good Boost programme

We accept referrals from healthcare professionals as part of the GP Exercise Referral scheme or self-referrals by booking in. New participants need to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled session to fill in some details which will help the artificial intelligence create a personalised physical activity programme. Sessions are supported by a leader who can help with any technical questions about the tablets.


How Can Good Boost Help?

Good Boost’s users see significant improvements in pain, function and overall quality of life, equivalent to interventions such as physiotherapy, medication, and even surgery.


What do Users think of Good Boost?

“The good boost class is brilliant! It has definitely benefitted me.”

Claire Peat, Victory Swim & Fitness Centre

Over the past few months Claire has attended Good Boost sessions. Her subsequent hip pain has improved so much she is now able to take her dog for regular walks, which was something she was unable to do before starting the programme. To begin with, Claire struggled with the Good Boost tablet or technology, but quickly became used to it. She is now able to login and create bespoke programmes based on her specific needs. Not only has Claire’s balance improved but her range of motion has increased significantly, too. Claire highly recommends Good Boost to everyone living with musculoskeletal conditions.

Good Boost is extremely popular with other users, too, helping them lead a fuller, more active life. For instance, Bridget said:

“I enjoy the exercises, but most of all, I enjoy the company. The first time I came along, I could hardly walk. A couple of years later and I’ve lost six and a half stone. I’m able to move better, my muscles are better. My posture has changed hugely. I used to be hunched over before because of my fractured neck and back. Good Boost, because it’s in water, it’s easy for me to do the exercises. If I’m out of the water, I can’t do it.”

Meanwhile, Paul Said:

“I’ve had AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) since I was a child. By doing the exercises, I can get a good night’s sleep and actually reduce the amount of drugs I’m on, it’s a winner all the way round. The staff are great. It’s good because you’re in a controlled environment, so you’re not getting out of your depth if you don’t want to. The exercises build up too, so you gradually build up your confidence, it’s great.”

Good Boost and Everyone Active

Good Boost is available at a number of Everyone Active centres. You can find the list here:

Stevenage Swimming Centre
Kirkby Leisure Centre
Basildon Sporting Village
St Paul’s Community Sports Academy
Easton Leisure Centre
Bristol South Swimming Pool
Horfield Leisure Centre
Henbury Leisure Centre
Moorways Sports Village and Water Park
Tudor Grange Leisure Centre
Winchester Sport & Leisure Park
Watford Leisure Centre Woodside
Harborough Leisure Centre
Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre
The Neptune Centre
Victory Swim & Fitness Centre
Southam Leisure Centre
Wellington Sports Centre
Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre
St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre
Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre
Chalfont Leisure Centre
Hatch End Swimming Pool
Wythenshawe Forum
White Oak Leisure Centre
Becontree Heath Leisure Centre
Waterlane Leisure Centre
Scarborough Sports Village
Bracknell Leisure Centre