4 Top Tips for Healthier Pancakes

We all love pancakes, right? And with Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day or whatever you want to call it here again, millions of us are raiding our cupboards, fridges and larders the for flour, eggs, milk, oil, butter and a host of other less-than-healthy fillings and ingredients for pancakes. Then we all (well, some of us, anyway) subject ourselves to Lent’s dietary austerity.

But, for those of us already watching what we eat, it can be a day of misery, trying to resist those delicious pancakes at every turn, which is never a fun experience. So what can you do to make them healthier but without ruining the great taste? Keep reading to discover our four top tips to making healthier, but still delicious.

Don’t use Plain White Flour in Your Pancakes

Any number of truly scrumptious things other than pancakes rely on plain white flour as a key ingredient – doughnuts, pastries, batter, white bread, cakes – but it’s not very healthy stuff. It’s heavily processed, often bleached to make it even whiter and is full of highly dubious other ingredients.

So when you’re making pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, why not swap it out for wholemeal flour instead? It is far less heavily processed, with much more fibre, fewer calories and, some would argue, more flavour. It will give exactly the same smooth texture to your pancakes, but with far fewer calories, as well as all the other health benefits.

Use Skimmed Milk to Make Your Pancake Batter

One of the easiest ways to make your pancakes healthier and less calorific is to use skimmed milk as opposed to semi-skimmed or whole milk in your batter. We realise that skimmed milk may not be that tasty in your morning cup of tea or on your cornflakes, but when it’s all mixed in with a batter, you won’t notice – we promise!

Cook Your Pancakes With Low-Calorie spray oil

Rather than oil or butter, why not try cooking your pancakes with low-calorie cooking spray instead? This stuff, combined with a good-quality frying pan is a life-saver when it comes to reducing the calories you use when cooking your pancakes, among other things. They’ll be delicious, thin and easy to flip thanks to that non-stick pan – just try not to drop them or get them stuck on the ceiling!

Pay attention to your fillings

It’s always tempting to reach for the traditional, high-calorie fillings for your pancakes such as lemon and sugar, Nutella, bacon and all manner of tasty, but calorific treats. But why not try some lower-calorie alternatives? Low-calorie sweetener, for example is a great alternative to sugar, while bananas always make a delicious, low-calorie pancake filling. Indeed, fresh fruit of any sort, stewed down with just a touch of water and some low-calorie sweetener will be delicious in your pancakes. You can add in some fat-free yoghurt for a touch of guilt-free luxury, too, while low-fat squirty cream is a superb alternative to the full-fat version as well.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to be able to enjoy a guilt-free, low-fat and, most importantly, absolutely delicious Pancake Day. Enjoy your pancakes!