4 Fantastic Christmas Pool Games

We know Christmas is a difficult time to get the kids out and about: it’s cold, it’s wet and all you would like to do is stay in and watch a film! This year is going to be different, get the kids up and off the sofa, away from those screens, and try out some of our favourite Christmas Pool Games.

Race Santa’s Reindeer

You will need:

  • Zoodle

For two or more players – Whether it is Prancer, Dancer, Cupid, Comet or of course everyone’s favourite Rudolph, ask the children to decide which reindeer they would like to be. Get them to line up at the start with their legs placed either side of the Zoodle. Set the finish line and they are ready to ‘Go!’ They can rest their weight slightly forward on the Zoodle and use their hands and feet to paddle. If this is too easy get them to hold onto the Zoodle with both hands and using only their feet race to the finish line. First across the finish line wins.

Help deliver Santa’s presents

You will need (any combination of):

  • Dive Sticks
  • Dive Rings
  • Seal Flips
  • Zoggy Soakers

For two or more players – It is Christmas Eve and Santa Clause needs some help to deliver all the presents to boys and girls across the world. Lay out the presents (Dive Toys/ Floating Toys) across the bottom and surface of the pool. Get them to start at the wall and on the word ‘Go’ collect as many toys as they can and deliver them back to the wall. The person that collects the most Toys wins. If this is too easy, make sure each toy is brought back to the wall before the next is collected.

Catch the Snowball

You will need (either):

  • Splash Ball
  • Aqua Ball

For two players – Get them to start off close together in the centre of the pool (within their standing depth) and start a game of catch. Once they have completed 5 successful catches, get them to take a step backwards. Continuing this as they become further and further apart. The person to drop the snowball (Splash Ball/ Aqua Ball) first loses this game. Make this 1 of 3 by heading back to the centre and starting the game again.

Race to the North Pole

You will need:

  • Kickboard
  • Backfloat
  • Dive Sticks

For two or more players – This is a straight swimming race, it can be player vs player or team vs team as a relay race. Set the distance for the race and line them up against the wall… Ready, Set, Go! If your little one needs some extra support you can use a Backfloat or Kickboard. If they have a relay team give them a Zoggy Dive Stick to use for their team’s baton. The person or team to reach the North Pole wins!

So what are you waiting for, head to your local pool and start making those memories today!