Learning to swim: Why Goggles are so Important

Term-time swim lessons have started again and a great pair of swimming goggles will ensure your child gets the most out of every session.

And what better way to make sure your child is ready to jump back into the pool with our fantastic offering of Zoggs goggles!

Why are swimming goggles so important?

An essential part of your child learning to swim is developing the confidence and ability to put their faces under the water. Without this, your child won’t be able to perform strokes such as breaststroke or freestyle correctly. Swimming goggles protect your children’s eyes from the stinging effect of chlorinated water, thus encouraging them to submerge their faces.

Goggles also provide protection from bright indoor pool lights that can cause sore or fatigued eyes, which is key for when learning to swim!

Why Zoggs Swimming Goggles?

Zoggs is our chosen retailer for all things swim. You can find their goggles (and more) in nearly every Everyone Active leisure centre across the country.

There are a number of features all Zoggs’ goggles share which makes them the best available on the market:

  • High quality silicone for comfort and durability
  • Anti-fog lenses for clarity of vision
  • Reliable adjustment for a secure fit
  • Intelligently designed straps for reduced pressure around the eyes

In addition to their practical qualities, they also come in a range of exciting, vibrant designs. Zoggs offer a range of goggles which cater to all ages, preferences and Learn to Swim Stages.

Should my child wear a swim cap as well?

A swim cap is not essential however, it is a good idea for those with longer hair. Even if tied up, a child’s hair can still become tangled in the straps of their goggles and a swim cap is a great way to avoid this!

Make sure to pick up a pair of goggles when you next visit your local Everyone Active leisure centre to help give your child the possible swimming experience!