How To Use Swim Smooth To Develop Your Swimming

What is Swim Smooth?

Swim Smooth is the world’s leading swimming coaching company that specialises in helping adult swimmers of all ability levels to improve. Their digital coaching platform offers inspiring advice, methods and coaching to improve your swimming stroke technique, as well as detailed training plans to follow.

Swim Smooth can be accessed via any electronic device, be it your laptop, phone or tablet and it’s here you’ll find all the fantastic features that will help you become a better swimmer.



Whether you’re just starting out or are a fairly advanced swimmer, Swim Smooth has a huge range of technique advice, drills and tips to help you improve your swimming technique. Not only will this help make you a better swimmer, but it will also mean that you get more from each swim session you complete, as well as enjoying yourself more.


And if you own an Apple Watch, using some very clever motion tracking technology Swim Smooth can now highlight areas of your stroke technique to improve to make your swimming easier and faster.


But you don’t need an Apple Watch to use the system – connect your Garmin watch if you have one or use the system without any watch at all.


Swim Smooth is also perfect for those of you who take your swimming a little more seriously and regularly take part in events. Whether you’re training for a swimathon or want to take on more extreme events such as a triathlon with open water swimming, Swim Smooth has everything you need to help you along that journey including detailed training plans to follow.



With Swim Smooth, you’ll get instruction delivered in a variety of different formats, all of which are easy to follow, digest and replicate in the pool. There are instructional videos, drills and animations, which show you how to improve your swimming stroke. You can either download drills and print them out and take them to the pool with you, or read them straight from your device by the pool.

Swim Smooth is the most complete adult swim programme there is, covering everything from how to get started with swimming to how you can gain that extra edge in a race or triathlon.

As well as the very clever Swim Smooth app, there is also an ever-increasing library of content here on the Everyone Active website that is sure to make you a better swimmer.

So why not discover more about Swim Smooth and join us here at Everyone Active? We have more than 120 swimming pools across the country for you to come and enjoy, suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities.