The Zoggs Kickboard & Pull Buoy: Benefits and uses of these swim aids

Incorporating tools like a kickboard and pull buoy into your swim training can greatly improve your stroke and overall performance. These simple yet effective pieces of equipment serve different purposes but work together to improve various aspects of your swim technique.

Using a Kickboard

A kickboard is a buoyant foam board that swimmers hold onto while performing kicking drills. Here is how to use it effectively:

  • Body Positioning: Hold the kickboard with both hands, keeping your arms extended in front of you. Your body should be in a horizontal position with your face in the water and your legs trailing behind.
  • Kicking Technique: Use your legs to kick rhythmically from the hips, keeping your knees slightly bent. Aim for a consistent and steady kicking motion, focusing on generating power from your hips rather than your knees.
  • Breathing: Practice breathing techniques while kicking with the kickboard. Rotate your head to the side to take a breath without lifting it out of the water, maintaining your body’s streamlined position.

Benefits of Using a Kickboard

  • Leg Strength: Kicking with a kickboard helps develop leg strength, which is essential for propulsion in the water. Consistent practice can lead to stronger and more efficient kicking technique.
  • Body Position: Holding onto the kickboard encourages proper body positioning, with the upper body and head in alignment while the legs do the work. This promotes better overall swimming posture and reduces drag.
  • Isolation of Lower Body: By isolating the lower body, swimmers can focus solely on improving their kicking technique without distraction, leading to better coordination and control.

Using a Pull Buoy

A pull buoy is a buoyant float placed between the thighs to provide support and elevation. Here is how to incorporate it into your swim training:

  • Placement: Position the pull buoy between your thighs, squeezing them together to hold it in place. It should sit snugly and comfortably, providing buoyancy to your lower body.
  • Arm Technique: With the pull buoy supporting your legs, focus on your arm technique. Practice pulling through the water with proper hand placement and arm extension, engaging your core for stability.
  • Breathing: Similar to kicking drills, practice your breathing technique while using the pull buoy. Maintain a smooth and consistent rhythm, rotating your body to the side for each breath.

Benefits of Using a Pull Buoy:

  • Upper Body Strength: By isolating the legs, the pull buoy allows swimmers to focus on building upper body strength through arm movements. This can lead to more powerful and efficient strokes.
  • Balance and Stability: The buoyancy provided by the pull buoy helps improve balance and stability in the water, allowing swimmers to concentrate on refining their arm technique without worrying about leg positioning.
  • Muscle Memory: Using a pull buoy regularly helps develop muscle memory for proper arm movement and stroke technique, leading to increased efficiency and speed in the water.

In conclusion, incorporating a kickboard and pull buoy into your swim training routine as a beginner or intermediate swimmer can provide numerous benefits, including improved technique, increased strength, and better overall performance in the water. By practicing with these essential tools, you can enhance your skills and confidence as you progress in your swimming journey.

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