8 Top Swimming Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just starting out and learning how to swim, it can still be useful to get up to speed with some of our key swimming tips in order to perfect your technique.

We have over 120 pools at our leisure centres throughout the country.  This means you should be able to fit in a total-body swimming workout wherever you happen to be in the country.

Beginners’ Swimming Tips

From entering the water in the right gear, to letting fast lane swimmers pass by; to introducing a bit of friendly rivalry amongst your fellow swimmers, we share some swim tips to help beginners increase their confidence and comfort levels in the water.

1. Start With a Shower

Don’t forget to shower before you hit the pool. Showering before swimming helps to keep the water clean and healthy for everyone using the pool. A pre-swim shower helps minimise the number of irritating and unpleasant odours formed in the pool.

2. Warm up

Just as you would if you were training in the gym, begin your swim regime with a quick warm up. To get your blood pumping and body used to the water temperature, start by gliding in the pool for a few minutes. This will help ease you into the swim and reduce your chance of injury – helping you get more out of each workout.

3. Poolside Style

Frequent swimmers should ensure their swimwear is both comfortable and long-lasting, as well as being stylish. Our partners at Zoggs have compiled a list of their favourite swimwear which are durable, chlorine resistant and quick-drying.

If wearing a bathing suit isn’t for you. Fear not, our swimwear policy allows children and adults to opt for more modest fitting garments. This comprises of swim dresses, leggings and long or short sleeved t-shirts, so everyone feels happy in the water.

4. Look After Your Kit

If you’re intending on hitting the pool regularly, it’s vital you take care of your costume. This is to ensure it doesn’t fade and retains its shape after you’ve spent ample time in a chlorinated pool.

Check the washing instructions on your garment to make sure it’s being washed at the right temperature and setting. You might also want to add a little extra fabric conditioner to keep it smelling fresher for longer.

5. Don’t Forget Your Goggles and Hat

Goggles and a swim hat are both vital when it comes to swimming, as they protect your hair and eyes from chlorine. Regularly swimming in a chlorine-filled pool can have an impact on your scalp and lead to dandruff.

There’s a great selection of swim hats and goggles available from the retail area or reception at your local centre.

6. Check the Timetable

To get the most out of your session and ensure you’re training with swimmers of similar ages and abilities, familiarise yourself with the pool timetable, which is available on your site’s webpage, or via our app.

Based on their preferences, members can try out public swimming, senior swimming, men’s or women’s only sessions, lane swimming and family fun swim sessions. The great thing about these sessions is that you can be your very own swimming coach. This means you’ll be able to learn flexibly and at your own pace.

We also offer swimming lessons for both children and adults looking to get into the sport.

7. Follow Lane Etiquette

When training in a pool, remember to learn the rules and be mindful of other users. This is particularly important if you’re lane swimming during busier periods.

Lane etiquette consists of always stopping at the end of the lane to let faster swimmers pass by. It also involves and finding out if the lane operates clockwise or anti-clockwise.

8. Friendly Competition

Our final swim tip is make sure you enjoy yourself and have fun in the pool. Hit the lanes with a friend and engage in a little competition.

Have a little race to help perfect your swimming technique and see who is the fastest by doing a length of the pool and back. You can even record your times to see how you’re improving each week.

The ultimate aim is to ensure you’re feeling as confident as possible when you dive into the pool on holiday or into the open water.