Supportive, Sustainable Swimwear from Zoggs

Swimwear that allows you to feel body confident can be tough to find. Swimwear that is both flattering and eco-friendly? Impossible, you might think. Not anymore!

Zoggs has managed to not only achieve these two seemingly mutually exclusive goals but perfect them as well. The even better news? You can find their swimwear stocked at nearly every Everyone Active leisure centre.

So how do they do it?

Sustainable Swimwear

Zoggs swimwear is made using the company’s unique Ecolast system, which takes used plastic and reimagines them into stylish swimming costumes for everyone.


Recycled Bottles

Plastic bottles are collected, washed and chopped into flakes. The flakes are melted and formed into chips. The chips are then melted and spun into one of two sustainable fabrics unique to Zoggs: Ecolast or Ecolast+.

Chlorine Proof Guarantee

Each swimsuit made using these fabrics features a minimum of 2 post-consumer plastic bottles. Ecolast+ offers the added bonus of a 100% chlorine-proof guarantee.

In total swimsuits produced using these sustainable fabrics account for over 1.7 million bottles being recycled every year.

So, when you purchase Zoggs swimwear you do good, feel good and look good! Check it out on your next visit to your nearest Everyone Active leisure centre!

Swimwear with Bust Support

The majority of our range of Zoggs women’s swimwear features either a shelf bra or foam cups for differing levels of support.

Swimwear with shelf bra

A shelf bra offers light support, often favoured by those with a smaller bust. The shelf bra adds an additional but discreet layer of fabric over the bust and a non-roll elasticated band under the bust. This offers an extra layer of modesty and a light lift.

swim wear

Swimwear with foam cups

Foam cups offer a medium level of support ideal for B cups and above. The cups are thin enough to mould to your bust, providing a nice rounded shape, but thick enough to maintain modesty. A non-roll elastic shelf bra sits underneath the cups to hold your bust in place.

swim wear

Swimwear lining

In addition to bust support our Zoggs swimwear also offers either a full front lining or gusset lining for modesty. Combined, these features are guaranteed to help you take to the water feeling body confident!