Lessons with Everyone Active

Swimming Lessons with Everyone Active

What do our swimming lessons offer

An overview of swimming lesson levels

We offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Discover more below.

  • Adult & Child (4-36 months) Swimming Lessons

    These classes are aimed at giving your child their first experience of the water, along with your guidance. Baby swimming is delivered through songs, games and support and it aims to promote water confidence, alongside offering a social environment for both pa...

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  • Pre-school Swimming Lessons

    If your child is over the age of three and hasn’t swum before, then this is the stage for them. It will teach confidence and independence in the water as they embark on their first lessons without the support of a parent/guardian.

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  • 4-10 years Swimming Lessons

    Lessons are available for all abilities once children have started school. This ensures that any child can start at the level appropriate to them, and then is able to progress at their own rate through the stages of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework.

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  • 11-15 years Swimming Lessons

    Swimming is very much a life skill, and so we feel it is important to maintain interest in swimming activities through these years. Therefore, we offer a number of other swimming disciplines for children to take part in – these include Rookie Lifesaver, Wat...

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  • Adults Swimming Lessons

    Our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities. From complete beginners, all the way to people who are confident in the water but want to improve their stroke technique, stamina and overall ability. We also offer lessons in additional skills, including div...

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