Take your junior climbing to the next level

Junior Climbing Test (14–17 years old)

This is a competency test for junior climbers to demonstrate that they have the skills and awareness to use the wall unsupervised.  Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they can belay, arrest falls, use ground anchors and troubleshoot a series of typical climbing errors as a minimum.  This must be booked in advance.

There are two types of junior test the Top Rope Junior Test and Lead Climbing Junior Test. Young climbers need to have successfully completed a Top Rope Junior test before they are able to take a Lead Climbing Junior test.

To book or find out more please visit us in centre, email or call 020 8969 0992.

Junior Club Night ‘Layback Club’ (14-17 years old)

Tired of your coach telling you what to do! Then join the layback club, this is open to those young climbers who have passed their Top Rope, or Lead Climbing, Junior Test.  The club is a social climbing meet-up for young people and allows them to use the climbing wall independently, it will have a coach available to help out where requested and provide guidance or coaching advice, but climbers will be free to move around and use the wall as they wish. It runs on Sunday evenings from 4.30-6.30. No need to book in advance, just turn up and pay entrance on the door.

To book or find out more please visit us in centre, email or call 020 8969 0992.

The following sessions are by invitation only.  Please speak to a member of our climbing team in centre or email for more information on our sessions for advanced junior climbers.

Training Academy (8 years+)

This session is for students who have a real aptitude for climbing and shown they’re keen to get on in competition.  This session focuses on establishing good climbing movement patterns and improving physical literacy.

Junior Climbing Squad (10 years+)

For students with serious talent on the wall.  In the Junior Climbing Squad you’ll focus on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of climbing.  As well as ability, you’ll need a positive attitude, motivation and regular attendance.

You’ll be expected to compete for the Westway Climbing Centre in a whole range of competitions at regional, national and international level. Members can be promoted from Pay & Play, Club or Training Academy sessions.