What’s it All About?

FIIT is an on-demand fitness app that gives you the choice of loads of different workouts. From functional fitness, HIIT, strength, circuits, bike, rowing, Pilates and so much more, there are classes, workouts and training plans available for people of all ages and fitness abilities.

With exclusive content available via Everyone On Demand through your Everyone Active App, you can work out anywhere with FIIT. Sessions last from 10 to 60 minutes, too, so they fit around your hectic schedule!

What kind of content can I expect to find?

FIIT provides a whole range content on your mobile device, meaning you can exercise wherever you choose, while you can also easily cast the video content it to your television at home. This content includes classes, workouts and training plans, all of which have been developed by experts and are presented by those very same experts.

However you wish to exercise, FIIT can help, with functional fitness, HIIT, strength, circuits, indoor cycling, rowing, Pilates and so much more available as classes, workouts or as training plans. There’s also a mindfulness section, where there’s loads to help you relax and unwind – a crucial part of any exercise regime.

Within the app you can filter by what style of exercise you wish to enjoy, how long you want to work out for and where you’re exercising, too – at home, on the gym floor – or whether you’re a runner or want to just do a quick work out. It couldn’t be easier!

Is it suitable for me?

FIIT has been specifically designed to work with and for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Each exercise has a ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, or ‘Advanced’ label applied to it and it’s easy to search by whichever level you feel most comfortable. If you find a coach within the app that you particularly enjoy, you can stick with them, too, by searching for their content easily as well.

How and Where can I use it?

FIIT is available via the Everyone Active app, which means you can take a workout with you whenever you have your phone or tablet to hand.

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The FREE Everyone Active app is the easiest and quickest way of booking your gym session or class whenever and wherever you are located. It’s also available on iOS and Android mobiles and downloading it couldn’t be easier! Click on the appropriate store button below, or search for “Everyone Active” in your app store.