Everyone On Demand – Terms and Conditions

Our virtual fitness App, Everyone On Demand (“EOD”) includes WithU; Les Mills; Keiser; SH1FT and Trion as well as Everyone Active content. EOD costs £9.99 as a monthly Direct Debit . Age 16+. Suitable for a variety of fitness levels.

These terms of use govern your access to and use of the following apps, websites and platforms:

WithU; Les Mills; Keiser; SH1FT; Trion and any other third-party apps, platforms or websites which we may add (the “third-party apps”)

Users will have the choice of which third-party apps they wish to gain access to by signing up.

EOD gives customers access to a variety of third-party apps. These products will change from time to time and there is no guarantee that any particular app will be available from one month to the next.

EOD is a variable on line fitness service, so we don’t guarantee that we’ll provide any particular website, app or other content, or access to any third-party services. This means we may add, remove, change or interrupt some, or all, of the content and/or the third-party apps as part of EOD from time to time. We may also have to make changes for reasons including (but not limited to) matters beyond our reasonable control, or where content or a service is made available to us by a third-party and they stop making them available to us or we gain or lose the right to make the content or service available to you. Where this happens and, if appropriate, we will try to replace content with similar or equivalent content.

Data collected by the third-party app or apps signed up to are not stored or accessible by Everyone Active. For efficiency, some third-party apps may request additional personal information. If you wish to stop access to a third-party app which you have signed up to, this will need to be done directly with the third-party app from their platform.

Members will need to accept the third-party app terms and conditions. Should the user experience any access problems, this would need to be raised with the third-party app. We cannot guarantee that you will always be able to access all third-party apps without disruption or that the third-party apps will be compatible with all devices. Everyone Active will not be liable for any interruption or delay to your access to third-party apps. Everyone Active does not have any influence over the content or advertising within third-party apps. Everyone Active is not responsible for any damage, loss or offence caused by use of third-party apps. We are unable to guarantee that the third-party apps will be virus or bug free.

It is the User’s responsibility to use the third-party app in accordance with these terms and to read and accept the terms and conditions of the third-party app. Users should pay attention to the content they provide to any of the third-party apps. Users should only provide content you feel comfortable sharing as may be used by the platform. Please refer to the third-party apps for further details.

By downloading and/or accessing third-party apps, you agree to these terms of use. Any terms, conditions or warranties provided by the third-party apps will be an agreement between the third-party app and the User only and Everyone Active accepts no liability in relation to the third-party apps.

Everyone Active reserves the right to alter or change terms and conditions at any time. It will be the Users responsibility to comply with these terms before accessing the App.

Document last updated: 5th Decemeber 2023