EAPT Personal Trainer

The code of conduct aims to protect the Everyone Active Personal Training brand and the businesses of the Trainers operating within the facilities.


Please read and sign to acknowledge the following:


  • Sign In / Out at Reception when you enter / leave the building.
  • Health & Safety at Work guidelines to be adhered to at all times.
  • Report all Health & Safety Issues to a member of the facility management team.
  • Help to maintain cleanliness standards when working within the facility.
  • Maintain a professional and tidy working area at all times.
  • Training equipment must be stored away after each session.


Personal appearance is an important part of the Everyone Active Brand.

  • The agreed Everyone Active Personal Training uniforms should be worn by Trainer’s at all times whilst working in the facility, presented to a clean and tidy standard.
  • All uniform tops to be well fitted, ironed & non-discoloured either tucked in or no more than 5 cm below the waist line
  • Pants must be long trousers, ¾ trousers or sports shorts, Black. Everyone Active pants are preferred but not compulsory
  • Clean, white or black socks.
  • Clean trainers.
  • Appropriate footwear should always be worn (recognized fitness style, no flip flops).
  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.
  • Maintain a professional image that reflects the industry in which you work.

When considering what is appropriate the facility will not be discriminatory in any way to any Trainer on the grounds of their age, sex, race, sexual orientation, religious belief or disability.


  • Abide by safe exercise principles and avoid contra-indicated exercises with clients or in training for oneself in the facility.
  • Where reasonably possible all Trainer’s will acknowledge all members on passing with a smile or greeting.
  • You must notify the facility Fitness Manager at least 14 days in advance of any annual leave you may be taking to ensure that members and staff are aware of the your absence.
  • You must comply with any No Smoking policy.
  • We recognize that mobile phones are important for your business, but refrain from using mobile phones during training sessions. Do not walk round or sit in the gym on your phone. Find an area away from the public when using your mobile.
  • Any accident must be reported to a member of the facility management team immediately
  • The facility will not be responsible for any loss or theft or damage to personal property.
  • You will not sell to your clients any products other than those supplied by the facility.


  • Members, Guests & Clients come first – always
  • Do not walk past a member who is performing a contra-indicating exercise without offering assistance
  • Uphold standards: remember who and what you represent in and outside of the facility
  • All Trainer’s whilst wearing the Everyone Active Personal Training Uniform (in and out of the building) must offer support and help to members when required. If Trainer’s do not wish to be available (i.e. during a break) they must remove or cover their uniform.
  • To continue annually with recognized CPD accredited training to uphold CIMSPA status


  • Trainer’s should arrive 10 minutes prior to the client and be prepared to start session on time.
  • All sessions must start and finish on time and be conducted in a professional manner
  • 24 hours notice of cancellations must be provided to clients.
  • All clients to be contacted personally in the event of illness / cancellation.
  • You will be responsible for finding your own clientele and must actively market yourself within the facility including supporting agreed facility promotions.
  • Given reasonable notice attend any fitness department meetings as required.


  • Abide by Data Protection Policies in place
  • Personal relationships with clients should be avoided
  • You must keep accurate records


  • No company information may be removed from the facility premises other than in the ordinary course of business without the prior and express authority of the facility Fitness Manager
  • Any deliberate infringement of these rules will be regarded as a most serious breach of all Trainer rules and could lead to instant termination of your SLA.


  • With the exception of business cards, Trainers must not use marketing materials that do not contain the Everyone Active logo. All materials must be approved in advance by the facility Fitness Manager and conform to Everyone Active brand guidelines.
  • Trainer materials such as posters and flyers must contain the Everyone Active logo, conform to Everyone Active brand guidelines and only be located in areas agreed with the facility Fitness Manager
  • Everyone Active will support marketing activity by making members aware of the services it offers through approved company materials, noticeboards and advertising and promotions
  • Everyone Active will not send electronic communication direct to members on behalf of individual trainers or their businesses, and will only communicate to promote the general EA personal training brand.
  • Trainers must where possible support any Personal Training promotions run by Everyone Active
  • Trainers must not actively encourage members to have personal training sessions outside of the Centre exclusively (thus encouraging members to terminate their membership). Trainers must actively promote Everyone Active and its’ services at all times. Any deliberate infringement of this will be regarded as a serious breach of the Code of Conduct and could lead to instant termination of your SLA.
  • Trainers must ensure that all social media marketing and messages in relation to services provided within Everyone Active are appropriate and do not impact negatively on the Everyone Active, its facilities or its colleagues.


  • Available Car Parking is at Management discretion
  • Ensure you and your clients adhere to facility rules at all times
  • Use areas allocated to all staff for breaks where available


  • Do not go into management / sales offices unless authorized
  • All offices / fitness assessment areas are to be kept tidy at all times
  • Food or drink to be consumed only in areas agreed by the facility Fitness Manager
  • Do not store personal bags or coats in meeting or assessment areas


  • Do not go behind reception unless authorised to do so
  • Do not loiter around the gym reception unless waiting for clients
  • Put away equipment after use in the correct location


  • Never bring down another professional and their capabilities
  • Adhere to gym etiquette rules displayed in the facility
  • Avoid peak times for your own training time unless agreed by the facility Fitness Manager
  • Always make way for members and other working Trainers during your personal workouts (i.e. vacate equipment if required by a member or PT client)


  • Where possible the Trainer will be provided with a PT Profile which meets brand standards
  • Display the company approved Personal Training marketing material
  • Run regular promotional activities for Personal Training to raise awareness of the services offered by the trainers to the members
  • Ensure that there will be no marketing, promotions, or advertising of any other Personal Training services on the Premises or in other member information or promotions


  • Use all endeavours to ensure all new members are informed during their induction process that personal training is available
  • Ensure that the Sales and Front of House Team are familiar with the benefits of Personal Training
  • Pass on any enquiries for Personal Training in a prompt and fair manner


  • Keep the facility, the equipment and the facilities in satisfactory working order to company standards
  • Keep the Trainers informed of any changes to rules and regulations in connection with the use of the facility
  • Inform the Trainers at the facility of any changes to programmed activity in the gym or closure to specific fitness areas as soon as you are aware.