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What is changing

  • Our Current ePurchase – Medius system is being replaced with a new system – Coupa
  • Purchase order emails you currently receive will be replaced with a new format (Three letters followed by nine numbers – Example EFH000000056) from a Coupa email address. Please do not ignore these moving forward
  • No invoices will be accepted through the ePurchase login after the 28th of June

Benefits of the new system

  • As soon as you receive your Purchase Order you can invoice straight away – no need to wait as you do today.
  • You can generate your Invoice directly from the email you receive.
  • Weekly payment runs mean that your invoices will get picked up for payment on the next available weekly payment run – 14-day payment terms no longer apply.
  • You have the option to sign up for a Coupa portal which will allow you to manage your account across any organisation that also uses a Coupa purchasing system.

Further invoicing support – adding a remit to address

To add a remit to you will need to declare that you are a Sole Trader in ‘Type of Company’ then add your address details. In ‘VAT ID’ please input your UTR number without any prefix, then tick ‘Not for cross borders’

You will not need to add banking information as we hold this on file.

This should then enable you to add the remit information.

Please see below video to demonstrate this process.

What you will be required to do

  • When you receive your email with your Purchase Order – Please generate your invoice as soon as you can to avoid delays with payment.
  • If you have any email address or information updates, then please update these on your current portal before 28th June 2024.
  • Please invoice anything outstanding that you have in our current system before 28th June. If this is not done, you will have to approach the site you work at to re-raise your orders in the new system.
  • You will be unable to access your current supplier portal after 31st October 2024. Please ensure you have downloaded any documents you require prior to this point.