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What’s it all about?

Dubbed the world’s most advanced personal training app, Trion does the thinking for you so you can concentrate on working hard.

Trion’s AI creates a custom four-week plan tailored to your profile, personal goal and performance in pre-assigned strength and mobility tests. A feedback loop optimises your training based on performance and enjoyability.

Trion banishes boring, repetitive training as it can generate over one billion unique workouts from a growing library of over 900 exercises!

What kind of content can I expect to find?

Just like a personal trainer, Trion takes you through an assessment. Based on your answers – and the exercise equipment you have available – it then designs your personalised programme, guiding you through every step with clear instructions and videos to ensure good form.

Unlike other apps, Trion actively learns how you exercise and adapts to optimise your training plan. This means faster progress, less time in the gym – and more time to live your life.

You’ll never need to plan another workout yourself and can rest assured you’re doing all the right things!

Is it suitable for me?

Trion acts as your bespoke personal trainer, so if you’re serious about results – whether that’s lifting more weights or improving your mobility – Trion is the app for you.

It’s also great if you need a helping hand with motivation or confidence. Ever felt lost in the gym?  Trion shows you exactly what to do and how to do it which is great if you aren’t overly confident or feel unsure what each piece of equipment does.

And if you struggle with motivation, Trion reminds you when it’s time to work out and builds a complete session so you don’t quit early.

How and where can I use it?

Trion builds each session around the equipment available to you, meaning you can train in the gym, at home or away from home.

Just let Trion know if you have access to a gym, a single resistance band, or even just your own bodyweight and let this intelligent app adapt your session to suit your circumstances.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Everyone On Demand is available within the Everyone Active app (iOS and Android).

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