Route Setting

We’ve got a huge route-setting programme with some of the most respected setters in the country, including national and international competition setters, gracing our walls.

Top Rope  
Date Line
01-Jun 33-36
13-Jun 45-46
18-Jun 39-42
22-Jun 43-44
25-Jun 104-108
Date Line
04-Jun 81-83
6-8 Jun Comp Wall
15-Jun 65-68
20-Jun 84-86
Auto Belay  
Date Line
13-Jun 70
21-22 Jun 75
Date Area
14-15 Jun Mezz
28-29 Jun Oven

We aim to set 90 new routes per month and 150 boulder problems every four weeks.Unfortunately there is no boulder setting this month due to the big re-set after Blokfest. Additionally, there will be disruption to routes and bouldering in the week commencing 19/3 due to preparation for YCS competition on 24/3. Some routes will be stripped to allow for setting of competition routes. Setting of routes will be 21/3 to 23/3 throughout the centre. Boulder problems will be set on 23/3.