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Free Swim and Gym

Southwark borough residents are now able to use the swim and gym facilities for free in six of the borough’s leisure centres, operated by  Everyone Active in partnership with Southwark Council. Registration is now open for Free Swim and Gym.

When is the offer available?

  • Anytime on Friday (subject to programmes and timetables)
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2.00pm to close
  • Over 60s can take part in any Silver sessions free
  • Disabled residents will be able to use all leisure centres for free seven days a week

Why is Southwark Council offering free swim and gym?

We’re investing in the health of our residents. Over the last decade the council have put almost £50m worth of investment into leisure facilities in the borough and we are continuing to prove our commitment to getting Southwark active with this scheme.

We believe the best way to be proactive about health and wellbeing is by prevention, by making it easier for people to make healthier choices and to achieve a more active lifestyle.

To find out more and for answers to frequently asked questions, Click Here

What do I need to do?

  • Sign up online here and complete your online induction to use the gym.*
  • Take proof of ID and address to your local centre to collect your membership card. You can do this from the following day after registration.
  • You can also manage your new Everyone Active account online by login in (top right corner). A confirmation email will be sent to you which will include ‘How to get your Pin’.

*All residents who want to use the gym will need to complete an induction before they can do so. Doing your gym induction online is a quick and easy option, if you prefer to visit a centre in person for your induction, you can book onto the next available session at your local centre but please be aware that availability will be limited.

ID requirements – Please click the link to see a list of what people need to provide as appropriate ID. – Click Here

Male Female


  • Please enter either a Home or Mobile telephone number.
Northern Irish
Gypsy / Roma or Irish Traveller
Other (please specify)
Black British
Sierra Leonean
Other African
Other Black
Asian British
Other Asian
White and Black Caribbean
White and Black African
White and Asian
Other mixed background
Latin American
Any other ethnicity

Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?

Hearing (e.g. deaf, partially deaf or hard of hearing)
Vision (e.g. blind or partially sighted)
Physical / Mobility (e.g. wheelchair user, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
Mental Health (lasting more than a year e.g. severe depression, schizophrenia, etc)
Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc)
Memory Problems (e.g. alzheimer’s, etc)
If you wish to specify your impairment, please do so here:


Thanks, we’re nearly there - just a few more questions to complete your free swim and gym membership and then we’re finished.

I am not in employment (e.g. retired, student, retired for health reasons, unemployed, full time carer, etc.)

I spend most of my time at work sitting (such as in an office)

I spend most of my time at work standing or walking. However, my work does not require much intense physical effort (e.g. shop assistant, hairdresser, security guard, childminder, etc.)

My work involves definite physical effort, handling of heavy objects and use of tools (e.g. plumber, electrician, carpenter, cleaner, hospital nurse, gardener, postal delivery worker, etc.)

My work involves vigorous physical activity including handling of very heavy objects (e.g scaffolder, construction worker, refuse collector, etc.)

On an average week, how many hours did you spend on each of the following activities?

No reasons
Don’t have time
Cost / can’t afford it
Illness, disability or mobility issues
Not sporty / do not enjoy it / boring / not motivated
Self-conscious or embarrassed
Not thinking exercise is good for me
Other (please state)
Improve my or my child’s health
Get fit / lose weight
It’s free
Manage stress / feel calmer / boost self confidence
Illness, disability or mobility issues
Have fun
Suggested by a health care professional
Whole family can get involved

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